It’s been a few weeks since the quarter started now and we’ve examined some interesting texts and videos that elaborate on our course’s topic: how is technology changing literacy? We’ve examined a text from Nicholas Carr stating his fears about how people are becoming too reliant on technology. According to Carr, we should be afraid of companies like Google because their technology has been moving towards an artificial intelligence theme that would have the capabilities to be even more intelligent than the human brain. Also according to Carr, the web is providing too many opportunities for multi-tasking which is harming the way that we deeply think about things. On the other side of the argument, we have Damon Darlin’s article in which he explains how technology is an engineer’s best friend. According to Darlin, technological advances lead to other, more important technological advances. More recently, however, we examined a special program called Digital Nation. It was an interesting view on how technology is helping and/or harming the way that the younger generation is learning. On one side of the argument, there were studies shown that indicate that multi-tasking people are unable to focus nearly as well as someone who is concentrating on one activity. On the other side of the argument, there are schools that are beginning to use more technology in their classrooms and it is improving test scores, attendance, and decreasing violence. The video shows that perhaps by integrating technology into education instead of fighting it, perhaps our younger generation will  move away from that “dumb” label that some people like Mike Bauerlein like to use. Also in the video, the argument about if technology is secluding us or is bringing us together is introduced. Yes, people  oftentimes have their attention glued to their machines more than people in person but they also are talking to more people than ever before. It’s a debate that will likely go on for quite some time.