After presenting my Powerpoint, I was able to see what a few of my strengths were and also see some of the areas that I could improve upon. First of all, I would like to improve upon quote usage. I did not use any quotes in my Powerpoint and after I watched a few other presentations, I realized that some quotes would add strength to my presentation. Another thing that I would like to do is focus my research a little more. My Powerpoint is a little more broad than I would like so I’d like to add some more details to make it show that I’m travelling in a single direction. One more thing that I would like to do is re-title some of my slides in order to make them fit the theme of a story like I did with the rest of my presentation. I think the story theme is actually one of my strengths. I was told that I’m a master of using figurative language so I believe by utilizing that style, I could come up with an interesting essay that may even over rule the distractions of the internet if it ever reached the web. Another strength I believe that I had was that my slides were not too lengthy. I think that by keeping them short and also by using smaller, less distracting images, I was able to keep the attention of the audience a little better. Overall, I plan to use quotes and studies in order to provide a more detailed and thorough essay. I also plan to utilize my creativity in a way that will not form opinons but would be like a translator for people that know nothing about the topic. People may not realize that the internet could be good for us or bad for us but most people do know that Batman is good and the Joker is evil. I believe metaphors will be my best friend.