The first of two big papers of the quarter is now over and done with. I wrote it with a little more preparation than I usually do and we’ll see how well it worked for me when I get my grade for it back.  I think it was a little easier to write four pages by stretching out the idea process throughout the beginning of the quarter because it gave me a little more time to form connecting thoughts about the subject of digital literacy. I think talking about the subject in small groups helped me a lot also because it provided me different ways of seeing the subjects that we were reading about as a class. I can always come up with my own ideas from a text but by talking about them with classmates, it allows my brain to think even deeper. Another thing that I believed helped me was thinking of the subject more personally. I found myself thinking about how the subject of digital literacy applies to me in my life and it made me want to read more about it. Overall, I think the process of writing that I used for the first paper will help me tremendously for the second.