Another source that I found that will be useful is an article titled, “Internet and young people: how ethical can it be?” It was written by Goncalo Jorge Morais da Costa in order to show how internet use in adolescents can negatively impact the way that they mature. What caught my eye originally in the article was how Morais da Costa believed that internet use was making children become more socially isolated which is one of the claims that I made in my paper outline. In the article, Morais da Costa says, “The youths’ age group that spend infinite hours on-line and limit their social interactions equally with their fellow creatures can become socially isolated, for that, the inherent opportunity to improve their social capacities disappears.” When a child learns to communicate through a technological medium, they do not know how to converse with a person face to face. This is something that I had thought was occurring a while ago and it was nice to see that someone else was seeing the same things. Another thing that Morais da Costa talks about is the issue of internet etiquette or “Netiquette.” As children develop social skills online, they realize that they can say whatever they want online and this becomes a problem. Morais da Costa states, “There are a number of challenges here because there is no tone of voice and no body language that gives us clues in our day-to-day in person communications (Scheuermann & Taylor, 1997). It is also easy to disguise who you really are (Langford, 2000). A child can pose as an adult, a young man, or as an old woman.” These are the wrong things for children to be learning because those actions can lead to many problems later in life. Both this article and Ferguson’s article that I analyzed in my previous blog entry show the negative effects of technology on teenagers, just in different ways. Ferguson focused more on the learning process and Morais da Costa focused on social topics. Both bring up points that I wanted to cover in my paper because they both show how technology is harming teens.