We have used a variety of digital mediums in our TWRT 211 class to express our thoughts and research including Powerpoint presentations and these blogs. Each medium has had it’s own effect on my writing techniques and each has benefited me. First off, the blogs have helped me realize what my writing process looks like. This has been important because I have noticed that if you don’t talk about something out loud, you don’t always see the full picture. By discussing my writing process in the blogs, I’ve noticed certain strengths and weaknesses of my pre-writing skills that I had not previously thought about. By bringing to light those weaknesses, I now know what I can do to better prepare myself for papers. Another thing that I have found useful with the blogs is that it has helped me to elaborate more on sources that I used in my papers. By having to examine a source in more depth, I’ve found other pieces of information within the source that I have found useful for the papers. Powerpoint has helped my writing process tremendously as well. I believe that Powerpoint has made my papers more organized. I now look at each slide like a potential paragraph or series of paragraphs depending on how long they are. By including just the key facts on the Powerpoint slides, it shows me what I need to go more in depth on. Each bullet is like a sentence and there are explanation sentences between each of them. I know that if my Powerpoint presentations are organized and I follow those presentations when I write, my papers will be organized as well. It’s a great guiding tool and has made my pre-writing techniques stronger. Overall, the digital mediums that I have used throughout the quarter have influenced me in positive ways.