To describe to you, the reader, what kind of writer I am, let me use a metaphor. Throughout this quarter, my life as a writer has been similar to the life of a bomb squad member. I know that it sounds like a strange metaphor but after a lot of thought, it seems to make the most sense. Bomb diffusers have time limits, much like I had throughout the quarter. Being a full-time student and a full-time worker has been time consuming so deadlines have been a little tougher to beat than they have been in previous parts of my writing life. Although bomb diffusers must work in a short amount of time, they also have a lot of important work to do so they must be efficient. I had to be efficient with my work as well and could not afford to waste time. Even though bomb diffusers have only a short amount of time to work with, they cannot cut corners to achieve their goal. I did not want to use my lack of time as an excuse throughout the quarter. Not once did I request an extension and I finished everything that I knowingly had to do on time. The only time I did not turn in something on time was when I didn’t realize that I had to turn it in on catalyst but it was at least done before the deadline. To be a great bomb diffuser, I’ll have to be more aware of those deadlines because those kinds of mistakes would not fly in that profession. The reason why I believe that I am most like a bomb diffuser is because I was meticulous, yet efficient and I was able to diffuse every bomb (or finish every paper). I cut all of the right wires and accomplished my goals without death or dismemberment which makes me believe that it was a successful quarter.