If my writing process were to be put into pie chart form, I would definitely have some larger pie slices and some smaller ones. For example, my “exploration” slice would not be very sizable. When researching for the two papers, I often found myself getting frustrated because I had a specific type of source in mind but I could never find it so I would usually end up settling for one that I thought was ok. This wasn’t the story with all of my sources, however, because I did find some sources that I was very happy about which makes that slice a little bit bigger than it would have been otherwise. To combat this difficulty, I found that analyzing other papers that contained a variety of sources was helpful. I’m a visual learner so by seeing how another person dealt with their variety of sources was very beneficial to my writing.  A much larger slice of my writing process pie would be the “expression” slice. I enjoy using metaphors to express my points because I think it gets them across more clearly and makes them more understandable. I utilized that technique in my papers and I think it went well.  One thing that I will take with me to other writing situations is using rough drafts more often. I’ve always been the type of writer that likes to brainstorm within my brain but after taking this TWRT 211 class, I’ve realized that if I’m able to just get all of my ideas out on paper so that I’m able to read it, I’m able to generate more ideas. This quarter has only been my second quarter since returning to school so I am thankful that I took this class so early because understanding my writing process and learning how to effectively pre-write will help me tremendously in future classes.