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Writing Process

I came into this TWRT 211 class a little bit rusty as far as writing¬†processes are concerned. Before last quarter, I had not taken a writing class in over four years. I had lost a lot of my good writing habits but they are slowly coming back to me now. Last quarter, after taking a break from school since 2007, I noticed that it was taking me a lot longer to write small papers than it used to and I believe that’s because of the fact that I wasn’t doing any pre-writing. I did get through the quarter but I think I could have gotten through it with more ease if I had pre-written anything. This quarter in my TWRT 211 class, our first assignment was to write a narrative. I did not pre-write any of it and just dove in but it took me longer than it should have. I did the same thing with the first critical analysis of the class (Nicholas Carr’s “Is Google making us stupid?”) and¬†I recieved the same result. It wasn’t until the critical analysis of Darlin’s “Technology Doesn’t Dumb Us Down: It Frees Our Minds” article that I started taking notes on the article and it seemed to help me out quite a bit. My paragraphs began flowing and I didn’t have to stop and brainstorm in the middle of my typing something as often so my train of though was steadier. In order for me to become a more efficient writer, I will have to incorporate those pre-writing techniques more consistently. I believe that if I get into the habit of taking notes on everything that I read that I will have to later write about, I will be able to write my papers easier and will also make my papers flow a little better.


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